Friday, March 12, 2010

Someone thought this was a GOOD idea?

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

In the Arts: Former Bear Stearns Boss Spearheads Public-Theater Campaign

Wearing a white hardhat and wielding a gold-plated mallet, Warren Spector, the former co-president of Bear Stearns Companies, symbolically broke ground Tuesday on a two-year, $35-million expansion and renovation of downtown New York's Public Theater, reports Bloomberg.

Mr. Spector, the theater's unpaid chairman, is leading a campaign to raise the remaining $7-million for the project. The famed arts group, founded by Joseph Papp, has $28-million in hand for the work, most of it provided by the city government.



Someone at the New York Public Theater thought it was a good idea to have a former executive of a company that benefitted from one of the the biggest corporate bailouts in modern times to head up a fundraising campaign? How trustworthy does this make the New York Public Theater to donors everywhere?

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