Friday, March 19, 2010

My Point Exactly

Remember that point that I made in a prior posting about planning for the best use of charitable dollars in humanitarian efforts? And about the possibility of setting aside charitable dollars to help with some potential long-term implications of 9/11, oh say, the possibility of the health impact of the debris surrounding the 9/11 area?


From the Associated Press:

Ground zero workers in court on 9/11 settlement

NEW YORK – A federal judge wants to hear from ground zero workers about a multimillion-dollar legal settlement for people sickened by dust from the World Trade Center.

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein is trying to decide whether to approve a deal. It would pay $575 million to $657 million to about 10,000 police officers, firefighters, utility workers and laborers.

The judge has scheduled a Friday afternoon hearing on the settlement, which was signed last week.

Some workers involved in the suit have signed up to address the court. Hellerstein says a select number will get a chance to speak.

Workers have three months to accept or reject the deal. At least 95 percent would have to say yes for it to become effective.

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